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It seems that life has so many unexpected twists and turns that it’s difficult to keep up.  In between the continual running I’ve been trying to increase my knowledge and abilities for photo design as well as my videography work.  Fortunately there are so many fabulous tutorials online to learn from.  I’m thinking what I really need to do is set up two monitors to make learning a little easier.  I normally watch the entire tutorial first and then I try to do the technique myself but, switching back and forth as I do each step really slows the process down.  My plan is to be able to incorporate these designs into my self published genealogy books and also use them for my family history slide shows.  Here are a few of my latest designs – the first is my most recent “fantasy” photo design that I did from a photograph by Brittany Harville of her daughter and husband on a recent trip they took.  It’s a time consuming project of cutting out the original background and creating an entirely new picture.  I wanted to create a vision of how she might dream about the day she spent with her father.  There are 8 layers to this photograph  – 4 of which are in the background which is creating a dream like image.

"Rosie's Dream"

“Rosie’s Dream”
Fantasy Photo – Terri J. Kallio
Photographer – Brittany Harville


The next picture is one I did for of my Dad which depicts different  important events in his life.  I chose the American flag background to honor his 21 years in the U.S. Air Force.  I had this printed on canvas.


"A Life of Excellence" Creative Design by  Terri J. Kallio

“A Life of Excellence”
Creative Design by
Terri J. Kallio


Something I did just for the fun of trying the technique.  The photograph is a world perspective view of a city in Germany.  I actually did the design backwards as the buildings should be on the outside of the circle, however, I ended up liking it just the way it was.

Schwerin world

Kallio Terri signature sparkle


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  1. Really Great Terri!! You have come a long ways and do such fabulous work! Keep it up.

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