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In 1906 my Grandfather left his home in Hamburg, Germany to come to the United States.  He left behind his Mother and two Sisters in hopes of seeing his Father again – which he never did.  The digital art composition includes his sister Grace as I picture her at the docks saying goodbye.  The book she holds in her hands is in my possession and is a German song book with gilded gold on the front and edges of the pages.  I remember it sitting on the side table in one of the bedrooms in my Grandpa’s house – I never thought one day it would sit on mine.

The biggest regret my Grandfather had was being so excited to come to the U.S. that he never said or hugged his Mother goodbye.  With tears in his eyes he often sang and old German song called “Mother” that told of his love for her.


"Auf Wiedersehen" by Terri J. Kallio

“Auf Wiedersehen”
Terri J. Kallio


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