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My Grandma Bebensee was a Christian with a faith so strong I believe she could have moved mountains. In her lifetime she experienced what it was like to watch as the crops withered in the sun. She watched and protected her babies when the dust storms came and the grasshoppers ate the paint right off the house. She saw the disappointment in my Grandfathers eyes when he lost his farm in the stock market crash. She stood at the train station and held back her fear as her oldest son left for war. It was faith that gave her hope that tomorrow would be a better day. She knew the joy of raising a family and seeing her children get married and start families of their own. She watched her grandchildren grow and held her great grand babies. This digital art piece seemed just right for her. The original photograph was taken circa 1919. “Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.” Psalms 119:105

A Light to My Path by Terri J. Kallio

A Light to My Path
Terri J. Kallio


Posted August 2, 2014 by Terri Kallio/Site Coordinator in Uncategorized

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  1. Makes you feel like you were watching her go through it all. Great job.

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