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I would like to introduce you to my 5th cousin – Martha Habben Ziebarth who was born in Wilcox, Nebraska in 1896. Her father, Henry Habben, emigrated to the U.S. In 1868 with his parents from Weisens, Germany. The Habben farm was a gathering place for many of their neighbors who enjoyed bringing their row boats to use on the small pond that was on the property. Henry kept his supply of beer cold by hanging it with a rope in the cistern. Martha married Herman Ziebarth and they eventually took over the Ziebarth homestead and raised their family there. The farm is still owned and operated by the Ziebarth family which was homesteaded in 1900. Martha’s son, Wayne, became a Nebraska State Senator and when he retired he took over operation of the farm. Martha lived to the age of 97.

This new composite of Martha was created from a photograph I have of her and her siblings – it’s one of my favorites of her. I restored and colorized the original photo for the Habben/Ufkes Family History book that I completed in 2008. I also have a photograph of her in her confirmation dress which I was privileged to see a few years ago on a visit with the family. I was so amazed at how tiny she was and considering the age of the dress it was in wonderful condition.

"Martha" by Terri J. Kallio

Terri J. Kallio


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